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The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), directed by Mr. Andrew Pudewa, is our primary resource for writing instruction.  IEW’s “Teaching Writing: Structure and Style” (TWSS) is our primary method to teach writing, but also an effective method to build thinking skills,  functional grammar, vocabulary, and public speaking skills in the context of writing.  We chose this method because of its imitation approach and its effective way of reaching the reluctant writer.

Forming children who can think and communicate with confidence is the thrust of what we do at St. William of York Catholic School and TWSS helps us do just that.  With increasing complexity from year to year, students at every grade level master a broad range of structural models and a growing checklist of stylistic techniques.  Each structural model incorporates a specific method of thinking and organizing ideas for students to speak first then write, always “word-smithing” as they go.

Highlights of the Structural Models include:

  • Summarizing short passages
  • Writing from pictures
  • Story writing
  • Creative writing with structure
  • Research papers
  • Book critiques

Stylistic Techniques include:

  • “Dress-ups”: Clauses (adjectival, adverb), etc.
  • “Sentence Openers”
  • “Decorations”: simile/metaphor, alliteration, dramatic opening, etc.
  • “Advanced Dress-ups”

We encourage you to take a look at the IEW website to see more about why we have joined numerous Catholic schools and homeschool families across the country in this proven method of developing confidence and competence in thinking and writing.  The “Support” tab has a wealth of articles that provide more insight into  this motivating approach to teaching writing: www.iew.com.

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