Why Memorization?

St. William of York Catholic School incorporates memorization at every level of academic study, especially in the memorization and recitation of poetry from kindergarten on.  Our basic conviction is that children need to build-up sophisticated, age-appropriate language patterns in their brains as a basis for linguistic competence.  Memorization, too often neglected, is very vital to us for what we believe to be at least a three-fold benefit:

  1. Physical Benefit: Brain growth comes from repeated neuron connections, the basis for the Latin axiom “Repetitio mater studiorum” or Repetition is the mother of studies.
  2. Mental Benefit: Embedding language patterns (especially poetry) into the brain is our way of “furnishing the mind” with a language “data base” for thinking and communicating
  3. Spiritual Benefit: Especially memorized prayers which become a part of the soul, echoing the aspirations of holy popes, spiritual masters, saints, and God Himself as He provides His own Words in sacred Scripture (psalms, etc.).

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