Why Latin?

St. William of York Catholic School views Latin, the official language of the Roman Catholic Church, as an indispensable educational method.

 Pope St. John XXIII has echoed the perennial voice of the Church in her desire to give Latin study pride of place in Catholic education, even warning of the dangers of its neglect:

“There can be no doubt as to the formative and educational value either of the language of the Romans or of great literature generally.  It is a most effective training for the pliant minds of youth. It exercises, matures and perfects the principal faculties of mind and spirit.  It sharpens the wits and gives keenness of judgment.  It helps the young mind grasp things accurately and develop a true sense of values.  It is also a means for teaching highly intelligent thought and speech.”


Is it practical to study Latin?

Ty Rallens, Engineer and Manager at Hewlett-Packard Corporation, said an emphatic “Yes!” at the CiRCE Institute 2015 conference:

  • “Ninety percent of my daily work (and leadership ability) at HP utilizes classical training in Latin, logic, literature, and history.”
  • “If you can engage with Latin conjugations and declensions, indicatives and subjunctives, conditionals and participles, then you’re going to be much more comfortable dealing with Java or C++.”


St. William of York Catholic School begins Latin study in third grade, the next logical step after phonics, when a child’s linguistic aptitude is fresh and ready.  Why?

  • Approximately 70% of English is derived from Latin origins.
  • Latin is the language of science, medicine, philosophy, theology and law.
  • The study of Latin strengthens mental acuity and orderly thinking.
  • Latin study has been proven to increase standardized test scores including the SAT.
  • Latin study is a proven most efficient way to learn English grammar, phonics, and spelling.
  • The study of Latin will pave the way for easily learning multiple modern languages.

For more information, please click on the link to read 3 Reasons to Study Latin by Martin Cothran.


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