St. William of York Catholic School follows the curriculum of the Office of Catholic Schools for the Arlington Diocese. Our daily core subjects are religion, history, reading, grammar/composition, science, mathematics, and Spanish.

Religious Education
Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. Matthew 28
At Saint William of York we strive to provide students with a solid foundational knowledge of and love for our Catholic faith. Forming their hearts and their minds in Scripture and Tradition, we utilize the Faith and Life series from Ignatius Press.

The Spanish curriculum targets six major themes; listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture with emphasis on communication. It exposes students to the beauty and richness of the Spanish language and civilizations. It strengthens cognitive thinking skills in connection with other subjects and supports the native language of the student and reinforces English grammar. Eighth grade students are given credit for first year high school Spanish and are required to take a foreign language exam at the end of the year.

Computer/Technology Program
Implementing the technology curriculum for the Diocese of Arlington, students in grades K-8 acquire skills enabling them to function in the 21st century. Basic functions such as proper care of hardware, keyboarding, and motor skills are the building blocks of the program. Students will learn word processing, simple graphics to enhance documents, and the use of technology for research purposes. Technology skills are integrated in our core subject areas.

Advanced Competitive Math Placement
Advanced math curriculum is offered to qualifying 8th grade students. High school credit may be earned in algebra and geometry.


Academic Competitions
Challenging the minds of our students with the following events offered throughout the year.

  • The Free Lance Star Spelling Bee- Grades 1-8- February
  • The Diocesan Spelling Bee- March
  • School Science Fair – Grades 6-8 – March
  • Diocesan Science Fair – April
  • Geography Bee-Grades 4-8 – April
  • Academic Spotlight- A competition showcasing our academic program to parents.- Grades K-8 – May

Writing Program
Our writing classes are based on the “Teaching Writing: Structure & Style” (TWSS) by the Institute for Excellence in Writing. This program provides children the tools they need to become proficient writers. Clear structural models for both creative writing and formal essay writing allow students to organize their thoughts in a logical and coherent manner. In addition to teaching structure, TWSS also presents stylistic techniques, which help students to enhance and improve the quality of their writing. The students love adding these “dress-ups,” such as –ly adverbs and adjectival clauses, to their writing.
The writing program liberates students from having to juggle learning what to write at the same time they are learning how to write. The writing material already is provided, so the students are free to manipulate the information using the structural models and stylistic techniques. Oftentimes the students’ work surpasses the original source. Equipped with such accessible and concrete writing tools, the students quickly advance in their writing abilities.

St. William of York Catholic School Resource Program
The resource program at St. William of York Catholic School serves students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities in reading or math or who are having difficulty achieving academically in a typical classroom environment. Some students may also have attention difficulties.
The resource teacher works with the other faculty members to help each student achieve his or her unique potential. Within the resource program, students are grouped in small classes to better meet their learning needs and to provide for even greater individualized instruction. Students are taught using a balance of traditional, remedial, and compensatory strategies, using a variety of proven multisensory teaching methods, materials, and modifications. For example, reading classes feature phonics instruction using Wilson materials and Orton-Gillingham-based phonemic awareness activities. Even older learners benefit from learning the six types of syllables, both in their reading as well as in their written language exercises. In math classes, students learn concepts first by using math manipulatives, and then more symbolic representation is gradually introduced as students no longer need concrete objects. Instruction is very sequential and systematic, with review of previously-taught concepts taking place on a regular basis. Students in the resource program are taught how to learn and develop strategies that they can use to be more active and efficient learners. In addition, students receive ongoing instruction in study skills.

Curriculum Guidelines

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